Why I don’t want rockstars, ninjas, or wizards

January 3, 2012 at 4:19 pm / by

I don’t want a rockstar. Rockstars are arrogant messes who steal the spotlight, trash hotel rooms, and leave the rest of the band to apologize and clean up.

I don’t want a ninja. Ninjas are dishonorable and would sooner stab their enemies in the back than face them in battle.

I don’t want a wizard. Wizards are fictional; they’re an impossible promise.

I want a game designer.

Game designers know when to talk and when to act. Game designers look at difficult situations and smile. Game designers thrive within constraints, and love making things. And game designers recognize they can’t do everything themselves.

Which is why I’m trying to hire a game designer: not a wizard; not a ninja; not a rockstar; a game designer — and preferably, one who’s better than me.


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