Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures represented an ambitious challenge for the PopCap San Francisco studio: recreate the charm of the original Plants vs. Zombies in a new Facebook title that took advantage of the platform’s social features. The resulting game was a unique spin on the series’ tower-defense formula, pitting beautiful 3D plants against adorably menacing zombies, with an art style that felt almost handmade, giving the game a unique look and voice on Facebook.

Though it succeeded critically, PvZ Adventures ultimately failed to capture enough interest from the Facebook audience to sustain ongoing development. For those who had the chance to play it, Adventures was a charming, humorous world full of life and character, and the product of an amazingly talented team of people doing some of their best work.


Plants vs. Zombies Adventures


Strategy and town-builder game.
Released May, 2013 on Facebook.


PopCap Games / Electronic Arts


Senior Game Designer, User Experience Designer, Writer


Digital Games