Simulation with Time Lapse

This 2006 video project was exhibited at AGM09: under_ctrl, an art/media exhibition which ran January 15-25, 2009 in Derby, England. The project came about as a collaboration between myself and Josh Klein-Kuhn for Jackie Goss’s Surveillance Art class at Bard College.

“Simulation with Time Lapse” is an artifact of malfunction in its most literal sense: the recording deck corrupts the video feed; the camera activates its “simulation” mode further destroying footage; and the equipment itself was stolen after recording ceased, leaving behind only the tape as evidence – failed surveillance of a benign act. Coupled with the distorted and haunting music of Swedish 8-bit artist goto80, “Simulation with Time Lapse” challenges the viewer to commit Apophenia: an act by which the mind seeks to derive order and meaning from chaos.

Simulation with Time Lapse


Short film, 2016.
Music: Ter4 by goto80
Exhibited at AMG09: under_ctrl, January 15-25, 2009, Derby, England.


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