Game Development Consulting

I want to help you make better games, and make your games better.

With over eight years of experience in casual, mobile, and social games, I employ a broad set of design and production skills to assist teams in making the best and most successful games possible.

Design Auditing

15-20 page in-depth teardown of your game in its current state, providing feedback and well as more detailed recommendations around the design of the core gameplay and metastructure, the game’s art style, UI, UX, theme, writing, monetization, and the first-time user experience.

Competitive Analysis

Detailed breakdowns of other games in the same competitive landscape. Each report includes an overview of core gameplay and metastructure, documentation of the new user experience, monetization strategy, as well as analysis of the thematic and visual choices made to help these games stand out in the marketplace.

User Testing

Multiple rounds of hands-on playtesting with users from key demographics, using both and in-person sessions. All videos will be collected and reviewed, with highlights and excerpts included in the final deliverable. Design and production members will also receive training for future playtesting.

Development & Production Review

Detailed review of production process, including project milestones, documentation, art pipelines, and development schedule. Close communication with team members to assess strengths and areas of improvement in production.

Contract Design Work

If what you need is a senior designer on your team, I’m also available for short-term contract work (minimum 3 weeks). I can assist with core gameplay design, metagame, UI, UX, documentation, and writing.

Get in Touch

Contact me to learn more, and to discuss rates and availability.